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Currency Accounts

           Currency Accounts in your business name at no extra cost.
Receive and hold money in multiple currencies using accounts in your unique business name. The funds can then be used to make onward payments in the same currency or converted into which ever currency you need.


View Balances in multiple currencies online anytime via Agile FX's platform

Local Settlements

Collect funds from your clients in their own country reducing payment charges for both parties


Send and receive ACH, SEPA and other local payments at no extra cost

Onward Payments

Make payments directly from your currency accounts at no extra cost


Currencycloud provides its clients with payment/e-money accounts or e-wallets

How it works


Convert or Hold


Open free global e-money currency accounts allowing you to make or receive payments locally with overseas market places and suppliers with market beating processing speed.

Simple and efficient online platform allows you to stay updated with live rates so you can  catch the best time to exchange currencies or simply view your balances and watch your currency accounts grow.

Either use the currency from your balances to make payments or choose up to 40 different currencies to exchange to.

Get in touch with one of our team today and request a call back to see how we could help break the barriers and make selling internationally that much more cost effective and easier for your business.

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